Changing the World

With the CHOGM date fast approaching in Perth; it really makes you think about what kind of decisions will be given the most credence. Obviously, the decision to block off St Georges Tce for a year was the best one they could think of in the lead up, but what about policies and international initiatives and intrigue? Especially intrigue.

Apparently this year, there is an opportunity for normal folk to be on the civilian panel, and form something called a ‘Civil Society Statement’ to be presented to the world leaders who will be attending. This is my formal candidacy announcement. Now to think about what kind of policies I would like to see introduced. Past policies voted on include the abolition of apartheid, and the banning of nuclear testing in the Pacific. Hmm. Ok. [Read more…]

Chicken and P*rn and a Stylish Night out


People in Perth, well, ‘stylish’ people anyway, would know that StyleAid, Perth’s biggest fashion event and Aids fundraiser was held on Friday 29th June.

The partner and I attended, sans a table of friends this year, preferring instead to be seated randomly. In the past, it has been a little difficult organizing our friends for something like this, late ticket payers, last minute drop outs etc making it a frustrating night, resulting in drunk dialing and deep and meaningful chats with the ones that did attend.

Did I see the event organiser with the door prize winner MOMENTS before she won? Interesting.

This year was all set up to be spectacular, taxi in, taxi out and all the bubbly and whatever we could drink. The fashion shows were a success, I almost reached for my phone mid show to spend money I didn’t have on clothes I wouldn’t wear. One very strange addition to the entertainment was a drag show. You know the ones, where the really fat drag ‘lady’ mimes to a song from the 70’s. I thought that this was a bit less “Opulent” than, well, almost anything else they could have dredged up. Completely tasteless. Never mind that the ladies at my table were motor-boating each other (prompting me to think about the “BOATS” jingle from HIMYM”) – They were dressed to impress and we had definitely had a bit of wine, I don’t think the drag queen had drank anything to warrant that performance. Just saying. [Read more…]

The 2012 Debacle

I had the pleasure of watching a great TV show last night on Foxtel. It was called “Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura”. Now, I use the word ‘pleasure’ despite the fact that this show is about a bunch of lunatics who sit around talking about things no-one cares about and is a complete waste of time. But then I realized my site was of the same ilk. It gave me a really good laugh too. I’m sure there are clips on YouTube.

The episode last night was called “Apocalypse 2012” – I’m a bit late on this one, seeing as this first aired Jan of 2010. It was basically about how it’s “obvious” and “inevitable” that the world will end in 2012, and the US government knows about it. The host, former wrestler and Governor of Minnesota was concerned that there was a conspiracy between the “elite” (read: rich) and the Government to secretly build safe houses underground, to shield them from the riots, food shortages and lack of electricity that would follow this apocalypse. [Read more…]

What is “news” again?

Just a quick one.

If you are anything like me, and I think you are; you will search the term “weird world news” every now and then. Am I right? Well I just did that, and when I saw a leading news provider had such a page, I thought, Whoa! this is going to be good.

What did I find? No unsolved spooky murders, no kids that speak in tongues, not even Jesus on a bicycle in mexico.  The whole page was devoted to viral web videos.  Titles like “Adorable kid sings motivational song” and “Barfing cup is a metaphor for life” are NOT NEWS, NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.


I know news is a contentious issue. Some people think that a cat up a tree is news. I do not. I think a cat up a tree that has been killing the townsfolk with laser beam eyes is news, but a video of one rubbing it’s eyes is not.

For shame “trusted news site”. All I wanted was a little mystery in my day. I’m so sick of all the real news.

FYI: On the home page I found what I was looking for; “Kangaroo beats up 94 year old woman”


Smokers: Look out for the Genie

Smokers. You can’t live with them, and you can’t kill them. Legally. Yet.

I was in the city this morning, a cool breeze in my face, when BAM. Some asshole put out a cigarette on the edge of a bin, and then let it fall onto the ground. Seriously, the bin was RIGHT THERE. The guy walked away jauntily as if being disgusting and a litterer was perfectly fine. I guess to people like that, it is.

I was sitting there wondering if I should follow him to work and smear feces on his desk, when ANOTHER PERSON did the same thing. This time, a rotund three chin sporting ‘woman’. They say that you gain weight when you try to stop smoking, well, if that’s true, this one will turn into some Godzilla-like monster if she tries to quit. [Read more…]