What is retardation in these times?

Sorry, we’re calling it ‘special’ now aren’t we? Which is retarded in itself, because when I was a kid, the word ‘special’ had connotations of something good, a present, a surprise or something; never would I have imagined that it was used to describe a drooler that can’t read.

tards - you probably ARE oneNow, don’t get me wrong, I know I’m being ‘politically incorrect’ and I don’t care. I am that insensitive. I am also talking about people who DON’T have organics brain malformations or a hereditary disease, or even those with mums that are so old, they shouldn’t have had babies in the first place.

I am talking about the losers (yeah, “loser” NOT “looser” FFS) that walk around with their mouths open, and the jerks who stop dead still in doorways and at the tops of stairs. These people like to think of themselves as educated, productive parts of society, which is why I’m at a loss as to why they are so retarded. You know the ones, they walk around like zombies, bumping into things, flailing their arms around and get into queues at the shopping centre and just clump there, instead of forming an orderly line. If there was a fire alarm, you can be sure they’d wedge themselves in the doorway and just burn to death.

Slack Jawed Yokel Gets What is Coming

Image by The Oatmeal

I think these imbeciles just walked out of school and promptly erased their brains of common sense. Which is a pity, so many of them seem to get by, fooling the norms out there with no observation skills.

Listen Lady’s Solution:

Random pop quizzes. That’s right folks, I want there to be some sort of IQ pop quizzes, sort of like random breath testing for booze. The topics can be far reaching, and just general, like spelling, or the name of the current leader of the country they live in… It’s not rocket science, people.