Damn you, Census, Damn you

Does anyone else get irritated by having to fill out the Census form? I know it’s only every five years, but I don’t like filling out a form if there is no expectation of getting something out of it, like a prize, or money.

On the ABS website, it says that the form is crucial to the government for planning infrastructure. Well, I live in a city, and all my infrastructure needs are being met, so I’ll fill out your damn form, but I’ll do it angrily!

How about I list my cat as a dependent?Government? Planning? Infrastructure? Excuse me, but who on the last Census mentioned we needed several more sporting and entertainment stadiums, more public events that shut down the only south bound freeway, one way streets, less trash cans and mailboxes, more traffic lights and roundabouts and humorous signs? Somehow, somewhere, these results may or may not have been involved in this chicanery.

As we all know, statistics are completely useless if someone bad is using them to prove a point. Government committees and groups aren’t necessarily bad, but I know that when it takes 12 people, a horse and someone’s grandmother and her neighbour 6 months to make a decision, you know it’s going to look something like a bell-tower, a convention centre or a giant watermelon with kittens stapled to it.

The questions I swore most at was “What is your job title” followed by, “what are your duties at your job” or something. I think I wrote “My duties are the same as my job title”. I didn’t write “You idiot” because if someone’s job is an Auto-Hydro-Electric Ceasing Agent, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they throw toasters in people’s bathtubs to kill them. It just gets a little stupid when your job might be “Cook” and you then have to write “Cook” for the next one too. Small things to be annoyed about, but when you have to spend 10 minutes filling out a form that gets you exactly nothing, let the drinking and swearing begin.