Public Transport Blues

I catch public transport to work, and I have noticed a distinct class system in the sample of passengers that I encounter. I tend to make pithy snap judgements that make me feel superior, and I sneer or smile to myself behind my expensive sunglasses, where no one can tell where I am looking.

When I first get on the bus in the morning, it is filled with professional types; all wearing what I call ‘normal’ clothes. Men in suits, women in shift dresses or pants and a cool top. We are all carrying gym bags or lunch bags, and are silent. Completely silent; which is my preference on public transport. This portion of the ride is no problem.

A few blocks down the route, a few deadheads get on. I can only assume that they have spent the night in Kings Park, by both their smell, and clothing choice. “F%^# youu ccuuuuuuu%#” they say to each other, repeatedly. For no reason. They politely tell other passengers that they will ‘kick their teeth in’ if any ‘homos’ touch them. I’m yet to see this, which is insane, seeing as by this stage the bus is so busy, everyone is getting friendly. These guys don’t get on too often, and sometimes, I don’t see them for a week or so. They must sleep through the alarm.

A quick clean and off we goNow that I’m all fired up from that display of a waste of existence, I get to transfer to a bus that goes past Centrelink. So.. You can see that before I even get to work, I’m upset.
The amount of deadbeats that don’t even know if they should be on this bus is electrifying – they hold up the driver, asking question after stupid question; when all they had to do is read the sign next to the stop. Or just remember from the last damn time they got on.

The best example of lower-middle class judgement I dish out, is over payment. If someone gets on, and doesn’t use a Smartrider; I super roll my eyes and mouth “F*&%ing LOSER”. I mean, who carries CHANGE any more? This tends to hold up the trip by about 1 minute per loser. Although it’s much worse when a drunken dole bludging family hops on, and simply refuse to pay, stating that “Ahm gunna cennerlink” as the replacement for paying for a ticket. The amount of prams is almost criminal. If you have 5 babies with you, why get on a bus? You’d think, by the (un)sanitary conditions of these kids, leaving them at home to fend for themselves is a better idea. But, no – let’s inflict them on paying bus users, and go and collect your dole payment/child support with absolutely no intention of either getting a job, or using contraception.

Listen Lady Solution:
See image. But, make sure I’m not on the bus.