Punishment for the Innocent

graph of pain

Image thanks to Cereal with a Fork

Ah life, all fun and games until you have to try and do something outside of work hours. Have you ever tried going to the bank, post office, hairdresser, dentist or anything that normal people need to do after 5pm?? And that’s only if you can get out of work on time.
The other day, I called my hairdresser and was told I could only get an appointment Mon – Thur between 10 and 4. Unless I was willing to wait until February. Apparently all the other times were snapped up by people who work, which is funny, because aren’t the people who work the only people who should be spending money? If you have time to go the shops during the day, you shouldn’t be spending, that is up to the people who earn it!! The people who are too fricking busy to spend.

I like to order things online, to distract me from the mind numbing futility of work, and sometimes the merchant will only allow the item to be posted to your approved billing address instead of my work address. This cleverly means, I will never get my item. Basically what happens is, the mailman or courier will knock on my door, confused that I should be out when I’m expecting a package, he’ll leave a note to pick it up from my local post office. You know, the one that’s not open after work, the only time I can go there. What logic is this? If I’m not home during work hours to accept delivery, WHY would I suddenly be free the next day to stand in line and pick it up from the post office!! Calling them doesn’t work, they basically tell you bad luck, and we’ll return it to sender in 5 days. Can they at least forward it? No, this is a general delivery; we can’t forward it to another address unless you pay for a courier…FFS.

I suppose some of those people that can shop all day are just wealthy, from marrying up or their parents. I choose to believe that hard word didn’t do it, seeing as I feel like I work hard, and no one is letting me shop during the day. Luckily, some things are open on the weekend. But not the important things, like doctors, dentists, medicare offices, post offices, banks, any government office, gourmet food stores… the list goes on.

The only places I can shop on the weekend are in the city or woop woop suburban malls, and going to either is this big production of dodging the homeless and unemployed. They love coming out on the weekend because they know that the only people with money to spend have no choice but to make an appearance. Have a few dollars to spare? “I sure do!”I say, as I continue on my angry way.